Teskostudio is the Leading global IT services and IT support in Toronto consultancy and business solutions firm has been recognized again by the group for the fifth consecutive time this year. This fifth consecutive year that the group has been recognized by the Everest group marks how it is recognized as a leader in the IT field.

The report examines the landscape of the service provider for the large and a multi-year application in outsourcing relationships along the sector for global insurance. There were 21 leading service providers in the AO field that were checked and evaluated for their capabilities. They were analyzed and they were mapped on the scale that the Everest group has created concerning their ability, their knowledge and their performance. This metric is what the Everest group has been using to determine which of these service providers are expected to emerge on the top. These metrics are very helpful towards measuring the capability and the market success of each of the providers that were included in the group’s list.

This report also highlights the strong focus of the Teskostudio when it comes to the innovation and the use of them digitally towards launching those solutions, how expertly it has displayed its prowess in its respective domain, as well as how broad its portfolio is when it comes to the insurance products that it is offering to its clientele. Among the things that are measured include the depth and the breadth of its actual clientele, as well as the reach of their insurance expertise. The company was also recognized for its overall ability in being able to source the appropriate mix and the right quality of their resources, strong leadership, as well as their agile delivery of their models.

According to Teskostudio many insurers these days are looking to invest more in digital technologies. They do so because they want to launch differentiated services and products. They want to be able to enhance their customer experience as well as get the costs contained along the way. This should be seen by providers of IT services as a very good opportunity to get their offerings tailored in such a way that they are on-par with the next-generation technology.

He further stated that Teskostudio has successfully demonstrated a very strong commitment towards advancing their digital innovation. They have also made the necessary steps towards augmenting their portfolio that will offer new solutions as well as accelerators in those areas like predictive analysis, mobility, telematics, as well as risk assessment. This is to aim at capitalizing on the evolution of the needs in the market as well as strengthen the position of its Leaders.

This is especially true when it comes to digital technologies. It is also very dedicated towards enabling its customers to successfully re-imagine their businesses as well as drive its transformation in modern and innovative methods. He also stated that the acknowledgement of organizatiosn like the Everest Group are such testament to their consistent commitment towards providing advanced and tangible value to their clientele.